Dale Wilson Voiceovers


Dale Wilson: a voice for all seasons

 Great all-round voice with a wide wide range of accents and presentational styles from the guy next door to Mr Monster Truck rally, from upbeat to somber, hard sell, soft sell, slow and easy or in your face, I can be a classic announcer or Mr. Friendly but Menacing. I can be real old or quite young, Santa Claus, or Resident Evil.

Over 40 years combined experience in radio (as DJ and newscaster CKWX, CKLG Vancouver, KFMG DesMoines) and animation (from Reboot to GI Joe and Barbie… Inspector Gadget to Martin’s Mysteries and many many more).

I’ve acted in dozens of films and TV Episodics and TV commercials ( I’ve been everything from the Man From Glad to Cap’t Highliner… I’ve showered in the woods for Irish Spring, done dishes for Sunlight soap, and smacked fenders for Ford, Cadillac, Buick, Chevy and Hyundai.

 I also  had the pleasure of being the announcer for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2010 Winter Olympic games held in Vancouver.

Please view my IMDB film database   for a more or less complete resume. Thank you 🙂